Friday, January 27, 2012

My Kroger Trip (Mega Event)

This is officially my first post ever; I am beyond excited!  This first post is about my Kroger trip this week. Kroger has a great sale. With their Mega Event,  when you buy any ten participating items, you get $5.00 off at checkout. $5.00 doesn't sound like that much but you have to realize that some of the items are as low as 99 cents a piece. On top of that, you can use coupons (whether it be from a Sunday paper or internet coupons). Basically, it's a 50 cents discount on each of the 10 items. The list of inclusions is super long, the longest I've seen since I began using coupons. So this is my trip (pictured above). I do not have a stockpile and I am not a hoarder. I buy things I know my family can use. Sometimes, if I get free stuff, I give it to my sister (who has 2 kids) or my mother-in-law. I love giving and with couponing, I am able to do just that! My trip consists of the following:

Saved: 49.83, Paid: 14.68 plus tax
~9 Balance Bars: $0.99 each
Used: 3- $1 off 3 Balance Bars (MQ)
~ 4 Armour meatballs: 1.99 each
Used: 2- $1 off 2 Armour meatballs (MQ)
~ 1 Helluva Good Dip: $1.59
Used: 1-$ 0.55 off Helluva Good Dip (MQ)
~ 2 Mellita Coffee Filters: $1.49
Used: 2- $1 off Any Mellita filters (MQ)
~ 2 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish: $1.49
no coupons but my son loves these and was at a good price! 
~ 1 Kleenex Cool Touch: $1.49
Used: 1- $0.50 off 1 Kleenex Cool Touch (MQ) 
~ 8 Microwavable Mac'n Cheese (some Velveeta, some Kraft): $0.99
Again, no coupons, but my son's favorite!
~ 1 Frank's Red Hot sauce: $1.99
Used: 1- $0.75 off 1 Frank's Red Hot sauce (MQ)
~2 Kingsford Charcoal: $4.99
Used: 2- $5.00 off 1 Kingsford Charcoal (MQ)
Not included in sale: 1 Odwalla protein yogurt drink (for the hubby) at $2.59
Used: $0.55 off 1 Odwalla drink
Final prices (after sale and coupons): 
Balance Bars: 16 cents a piece
Armour meatballs: 99 cents each
Helluva Good dip: 54 cents
Mellita coffee filters: FREE (2)
Pepperidge Farm goldfish: 99 cents a piece
Kleenex Cool Touch: FREE (1)
Velveeta & Kraft mac'n cheese and shells: 49 cents
Frank's Red Hot sauce: 74 cents
Kingsford Charcoal: FREE (2)
Odwalla Juice: $2.04

I was so excited to get the charcoal because the hubby loves grilling when the weather permits! The balance bars are perfect either pre-workout or post-workout! My hubby was glad to get such a good deal on them! With the meatballs, I plan to make bbq meatballs, spaghetti and meatballs twice, and meatballs in red sauce (made with toasted Mexican peppers, spices, and peanuts)! Meatballs galore! Of course, I'm going to space these meals out. Too much of a good thing could be very bad hehe. Well, I think this concludes my first blog, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more of Mimi's contemplations! 

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