Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yay, The weekend is here! .....or atleast for us it is!

Tacky Toddler is happy that the weekend is here!

The weekend is here, the weekend is here! Well, not technically but it is for our family. We aren't your typical American family. We actually are very atypical, lol! Well, we have a weird schedule and so our weekends aren't Saturday and Sunday as it is for everyone else. Our weekends are Wednesday and Thursday. This week I am super excited, though! 
Well, tonight I'm getting a haircut (that's something to be excited about, right? Na...). Then tomorrow, I want to go to the gym and run another 2.5 miles. I am so weird and get bored of activities so fast; I have to keep reinventing it or finding new motivations! Right now, my motivation to go to the gym is my book (which I have not remembered to take with me these past 2 times! Bummer!) and my wanting to get a really defined 6 pack. Right now... it seems that I am stuck on a kind-of noticeable four pack. My book motivates me cause it makes me want to read it and so I take it to the gym, and read it while I sweat my butt off in the sauna. Reading a book makes time go by faster and gives me something to do ( I got tired of staring at people's sweaty feet lol).
Another reason why I am super excited about this "weekend"  is cause I am volunteering for a radio-marathon on Thursday morning to benefit children with cancer at St. Judes Research Hospital! I can't wait! My grandmother passed away a few months ago- November 14, 2011. That day I will never forget and it is the worst thing I've ever had to experience. She passed away after struggling with colon cancer for about a year- a very, very long year for her and an incredibly short year for us. I have always wanted to do some volunteering but I got married so young. Formed a family. And well, you know how that goes. Most people don't have time to do it, I have time but don't have a babysitter! Well, so Thursday I will be a part of the two-day long radio-marathon. The radio station that will be sponsoring it is a Hispanic radio station and is called El Patron. I am beyond excited! I love helping people and especially children. 
Another thing I am looking forward to is spending time with the in-laws. We go at least once a week to their house and my little one always has a blast playing with his "halmonee" or his grandmother in Korean. She is wonderful with him and spoils him like crazy! He is the only grandchild AND great-grandchild! So he gets all  of the attention at my in-law's house! I also enjoy myself very much there! Lately, I've been trying to practice my Korean much more than before. I try to express myself in Korean when speaking to my "shi uhmuhnee" or mother-in-law. I am learning more and more! Any time spent at my in-laws is time well spent :) .
The last thing that I am elated about is grocery shopping. Yep, plain ol' grocery shopping! While most people dread it, I adore it! Just cause I love saving and getting fresh produce and meats and what not. I get meats once every....three weeks or so. I stock up, freeze them, and plan meals as I go. So I get excited at the beginning of each three weeks. The possibilities are endless!! Bahaha, yeah right! No, they aren't as I am shopping on a budget. Who needs filet mignion anyway? Lol, good ol' chicken will have to do the job! I'm just kiddin'!
Well, I hope you have a great week, or what remains of it!  

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