Friday, March 23, 2012

Publix: $66.16 worth for $11.16+tax

It feels like forever since I was last on here! I've been really busy lately. I headed to Publix last night, family and all. I usually don't participate in Publix's penny item but I did last night. I didn't make this trip because of the penny item, though. The reason why I decided to make this unusual Thursday trip is because of a Milk Bone coupon that was about to expire hehe. We are pretty much stocked up on dog food for our pup, Coco. We have treats, too, but I knew I had to get these treats at such a low price- almost free! I also went ahead and got my husband's MUST-HAVE cereal- Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They were bogo last week but I got a rain check since my Publix ran out. My munchkin behaved very well so it was a very smooth trip. In and out. This is what I got (Oh yeah, I need to buy myself a better camera!):

6 Milk Bone Healthy Favorites Treats BOGO at $3.19
Used: 2- $1/1 Milk Bone Treats MQ (Milk Bone's website)
Used: 2- B2G1 Free MQ
Used: 1- $1.50/2 Milk Bone Treats MQ
Used: 2- $1/1 Milk Bone Healthy Favorites Treats PQ
Final Price: $0.88 for all 6!! (Less than 15 cents each!)

3 Kraft Macaroni and Cheese BOGO at $1.39
No coupons
Final Price:$2.09 for all three (or about 70 cents each)

1 Publix Animal Crackers at  $1.85
-$1.84 (PENNY ITEM)
Final Price: $0.01

2 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter BOGO at $2.45
Used: 2- $1.25/ 1 ICBINB MQ (
Used: $0.75/2 ICBINB TQ
Final Price: FREE + $0.80 overage

1 Kettle Brand Chips BOGO at $3.69
Used: 1- $1/1 Kettle Brand Chips MQ
Final Price: $0.85

2 Bumblebee Premium Tuna BOGO at $2.89
Used: 2- $1/1 Bumblebee Tuna MQ (Facebook)
Final Price: $0.89 for both (or about 45 cents each)

4 Betty Crocker Poatoes BOGO at $1.57
Used: 2- $0.50/2 Betty Crocker Potato items MQ
Final Price: $1.14 for all 4 (or about 29 cents each)

2 Lance Cracker Creations BOGO at $3.29
Used: 2- $1/1 Lance Cracker Creations MQ
Final Price: $1.30 for both (or 65 cents each)

2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch BOGO at $3.59 (Raincheck)
Used: 1- $1/2 General Mills cereals MQ
Final Price: $2.59 for both (about $1.30 each)

2 Kellogg's Eggo Waffles BOGO at $2.37
Used:1- $0.75/2 Frozen Eggo Products MQ
Final Price: $1.62 for both (or 81 cents per box)

1 Honey Bunches of Oats BOGO at $3.29
Used: 1- $1/1 HBO Fruit Blends MQ
Final Price: $0.65

Total Value: $66.16

Total Saved: $53.63

Total Paid: $11.16 +tax (or $12.53)

I just now realized that the Eggo Waffles were supposed to be BOGO at $3.25 and not $2.37..... I don't know what happened. My hubby picked these up so I am confused now. Maybe there were two sizes on BOGO? Who knows. Either way, this classifies as a "good trip". My dog loves these new Milk Bone treats so I am a very happy camper! I love bringing stuff home that my family loves! Tonight, I'm making chicken pot pie so the ICBINB will come in handy! It's been too long since we last had delicious chicken pot pie made from scratch! Well, hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. C.T.C. is the best cereal ever. I'm not sure what happened with the Eggos? Did we get them BOGO or no?

    1. I don't know what happened. I'm guessing it is just dofferent pricing. Kaylee commented below saying hers rang up as $2.95 so I guess it varied. Either way, we got a good deal because they were indeed BOGO. :D

  2. My Eggo's rang up BOGO at $2.95 here in Florida (we have true BOGO which means I got them for $1.48 each before my coupons). I saw all kinds of pricing on the different sizes but it appears they were all BOGO.

    Thanks for linking up at Couponing & Cooking's Weekly Totals!


    1. That is so weird! I didn'd know they did that. That's what I had assumed, though. I hear FL doesn't double coupons or do the penny item. Boo! Thanks for letting me link up!

  3. Homemade Pot Pie! Yummy.. Thanks for sharing your great shopping trip with us.

    1. Thank you for allowing me to link up my weekly totals! :D