Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PUBLIX: $86 worth for $12.96+tax (Fresh Fruit Included)

This week was awesome, as usual! I just got back from Publix and I got a great deal. On this trip (my first time ever using a Publix coupon on produce), I was able to get a good deal on fresh fruit! Being at the peak of it's season, I just HAD to get strawberries! They were on sale already at 3 for $5. They are the regular 16 oz (1 lb) container. Yay for cheap fruit! My husband, as I have mentioned before, makes post workout protein shakes and one of the ingredients is strawberries. My little booger, Justin, loves strawberries as well! I was elated to see that they had enough Kraft Fresh Takes this time, last time they only had about 6. I did, however, have to do more than one transaction since the manager said that one of the coupons (the store coupon $2/2 found in the yellow flyer) was 1 per customer. So here is my trip (Luckily, my Publix doubles MQ coupons of up to 50 cents):
(MQ= Manufacturer Coupon, PQ= Publix Coupon, TQ= Target Coupon)

10 Kraft Fresh Takes at 2/$4
Used: 8- $1/1 Fresh Takes MQ (2 printed and 6 from a Sunday paper insert)
Used: 5- $2/2 Kraft Milk Bite, Philadelphia Indulgence, Philadelphia Cooking Creme, Fresh Take, or Oscar Meyer Selects Beef Franks (PQ in yellow advantage flyer) 
Final Price: $2.00 for all 10 ($0.20 each)
(they were supposed to be free but I misplaced 2 coupons >_< It's ok!)

4 Activia 4pks at 3/$6
Used: 3- $1/1 Activia MQ
Used: 2- $2/2 Activia TQ
Final Price: $1.00 for all 4 4pks ($0.25 per 4 pk!)

2 Birdseye Viola Meals BOGO at $5.49
Used: 2- $1.85/1 Birdseye Viola Meals MQ
Final Price: $1.80 for both ($0.90 each)

2 Stouffer's Family-Sized Dinners at $3.99 each
Used: 2- $2/1 Stouffer's Meal MQ (from their Facebook)
Final Price: $3.98 for both ($1.99 each)

3 lbs/ packs of Strawberries at 3/$5
Used: 1- $2 off produce when you buy $5 or more PQ
Final Price: $3.00 (or $1 per pack)

1 Publix Milk at $3.29
Used: 1- Free Milk when you buy any 3 Breakfast Items (I bought Activia & Toaster Strudels) MQ from the Milk Mustache Campaign's Facebook
Final Price: FREE!

2 Country Crock Spreads BOGO at $2.39
Used: 2-$1/1 Country Crock product MQ
Final Price: $0.40 for both ($0.20 each)

2 Toaster Strudels BOGO at $2.35
Used: 1- $0.50/2 Toaster Strudels MQ
Final Price: $1.35 ( $0.68 cents each)

3 Maggi Soups at $0.65
Used: 3- $0.50/1 Maggi Soups MQ
Final Price: FREE + $1.05 overage!

1 Crystal Light Energy Drink Mix BOGO at $2.99
Used: 1- $1/1 Crystal Light Energy MQ (Mailed along with sample)
Final Price: $0.50

Total Value: $85.93

Total Saved: $73.99

Total Amount Paid: $12.96 +tax  (or $14.10)

My favorite buys this week were the strawberries and the Activia. Well, I'm also loving the cheap Stouffer's! Easy peasy dinner, all I have to do is make homemade garlic bread and a salad. Even more awesome is that I have another produce coupon for next week! Maybe I will get bananas and pears. I love fruit! With all these Fresh Takes I'm going to send some more to my mother-in-law (I gave her all 4 from last week) and buy some chicken breasts to make some easy yet yummy dinner. The crystal light are going to be my pre-workout drink- I need to beat my lame record of running 2.5 miles in 25 minutes. Hopefully it'll give me enough energy to improve my record. Well, that just about wraps my Publix trip for this week! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and a great weekend!


  1. Nice post! Are we out of chicken breast? We should've stopped by the market yesterday...O we can also use fish or pork for the fresh takes. Probably don't have any though.... We forgot to get mayo=(

  2. I know :( Bummer! We can get them next time. And you can take some more Fresh Takes to your oma tomorrow.